Anthropos Investor Update

5th February 2019

We are very pleased to announce that we have converted Home Instead Senior Care (HISC) to our first revenue generating customer and we are now rolling out to their UK network. HISC is a global leader in Domiciliary Care for the elderly and having them as our lead customer in this sector is a massive endorsement of our business and a very significant milestone in our business plan.

Our full management team is now in place and we are able to progress on all fronts, but in particular Sales & Marketing and Operations. We have engaged We Care and Repair (WC&R) as our national installation partner and they are working closely with us on the HISC roll out.

Home Instead Senior Care

Following the successful pilot, we attended the HISC UK National Conference at the beginning of December and over the two days we had a very successful launch of our platform across their entire HISC UK network. As well as significant publicity during the presentations, we had a very popular stand in the Innovation Lab where we demonstrated the platform to the Franchises and the US Group Executives.

The conference was a great success for us; we met and demonstrated the platform to 55 of the 200 Franchises all of whom wish to take our platform. The next few months will be especially busy for the operations team as we help HISC make the adoption of our technology a stunning success in their business and a great reference case for us out in the market.

Business Development

In parallel to rolling-out to HISC UK, we are powering up our sales and marketing activities across our four adjacent sectors: Social Care, Retirement Living, Supported/Assisted Living and Home Healthcare. These activities include:

  • extending our website to reflect the four adjacent market sectors
  • refreshing our competitor analysis to emphasise our differentiators
  • updating our sales material, presentations and videos, for our four target sectors
  • introducing a new CRM system to track contacts and leads, and manage outbound communication
  • exhibiting at sector events to generate leads
  • conducting an email campaign to reach target prospects
  • meeting potential customers across all four sectors.

 We have already identified the target executives in a rich pipeline of potential customers. We plan to have our second customer signed up and a further two pilots underway before the end of this year.


In October we reported that we had closed our initial round of fund raising (parts 1 and 2) at a total investment of £2m against a target of £1.5m. We are now conducting an interim raise of between £0.45m-£1.0m (with an absolute upper limit of £1.5m in case of extra demand).  These new funds will be used to purchase hardware for the HISC client homes, support the initial HISC roll-out and build out the organisation until we secure the Series A funds in late summer.