FS Ventures is a specialist investment and tax planning service provided by Finance Shop. Established in 1990, Finance Shop has grown to become one of the region’s leading firms of Independent Financial Advisers, with over 200 years of financial services experience and over £750 million of assets under management. We have the expertise and knowledge to be able to advise on all aspects of financial planning.

FS Ventures provides tax efficient investment solutions whilst working alongside your accountant to provide relief from Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax & Inheritance Tax. Alongside our investment partners, we offer our clients the opportunity to benefit from the growth of some of Britain’s brightest businesses whilst also providing attractive tax relief opportunities. FS Ventures conduct deep, face to face research and due diligence on any recommended investment and will continue to monitor opportunities as they arise.

Investing in an (S)EIS or VCT has the potential to offer significant long-term growth, if they are successful. These businesses often have the potential for faster growth than larger businesses although they also carry a higher risk of loss and values can be more volatile (see risk section of each product). The (S)EIS/VCT propositions we have selected have been designed by experienced industry experts in order to exploit opportunities in markets in which our partners have extensive knowledge and expertise, and to maximise growth opportunities.

Smaller companies behave and perform in a different manner to larger organisations, often due to different investment cycles. A (S)EIS or VCT can, therefore, bring additional diversification to an investment portfolio. You can read more about the available investment opportunities below.


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