25th June 2020

We hope you are keeping safe and well during these difficult times. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, Biosceptre continue to make significant progress both scientifically and in preparations for the new CAR-T clinical and GMP (good manufacturing practice) facilities in Sydney. We will provide more information on that in the next newsletter.

We would like to draw your attention to other aspects of Biosceptre that make this an exciting investment including details on the recent, successful completion of a phase 1 vaccine trial.

One of Biosceptre’s great strengths is their solid patent wall around all aspects of the cancer target nfP2X7. This has been reinforced by the recent deal with Carina Biotech (a South Australian CAR-T company). Essentially, this transaction takes out the only other player in the market that was looking at CAR-T with Biosceptre’s target, considerably improving their IP position and creating a much greater moat around the use of CAR-T and their target. Any FTO (Freedom to Operate) will now be difficult for someone coming into this space.

Biosceptre currently have a patent portfolio of 186 patents in 14 families. Biosceptre will lodge considerably more IP in this space via both a divisional strategy under the two patents they have now negotiated from Carina Biotech and via new patent applications over the next 6-12 months. The deal also ensures that Carina will not compete in the nfP2X7 space. The only work they will do is in collaboration.

Before moving onto the multiple applications covered within Biosceptre’s patent portfolio there are some terms that are important to understand that are used to assess whether a trial has been successful or not.

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