Cycladex Ltd Constructs First U.S. Manufacturing Facility

1st October 2021

London, UK - Cycladex Ltd, developer of an environmentally-clean, safe and effective gold recovery technology, announced today that it has completed construction of its first production facility in the United States.

Cycladex’s patented gold recovery process reduces the operating and capital costs for mines by 30-50%: economics that can significantly improve the feasibility of formerly non-viable deposits and smaller mines. Cycladex also announced the development of a new metal isolation technology, which separates contaminants from ore and recycles them into construction materials.

Roger Pettman, Executive Chairman of Cycladex Ltd. said, “We are excited to have completed the construction of our first plant in the United States, with financial and technical support from Cyanco. This facility will support the expanded use of Cycladex technology in the Americas and give mining operators another tool to safely improve mineral recovery. Our new plant, which does not generate any waste or create any harmful emissions, was built with a high multi-ton capacity. We expect to quickly scale that capacity as our presence in the North American market grows.”

Cycladex also continues its technology development initiatives and has recently designed a way to isolate not only silver and gold, but to selectively remove the mercury, copper or arsenic present in the original ore or tailings. Application of this new technology will deliver a higher-quality precious metal yield, by isolating commercial quantities of precious metals, while at the same time removing hazardous materials and converting what remains into inert materials.

These mining by-products can be used in the production of bricks, roofing tiles and other construction materials. According to Roger Pettman, these new materials can serve as a cost-efficient and sustainable option in a variety of infrastructure builds. “When you discover a way to make a useable material from the by-products of a manufacturing process – especially when you’re turning something hazardous into a sustainable solution – it’s a great gain for any industry. The mining industry, especially, is very focused on sustainability, so we feel it’s an opportune time to leverage this process and these new materials to the fullest.”

Pettman further stated that Cycladex is launching a new Community Gold MiningTM Initiative to facilitate the development of these materials. Cycladex plans to install a mobile brick plant at the end of its production line, with the resulting construction materials made available to local communities for infrastructure such as schools, houses, hospitals etc. The Company also plans to expand and develop a series of artisanal community processing plants.