Cycladex Update 13/1/2022

13th January 2022

London, UK - Cycladex Ltd, the developer of a patented environmentally clean, safe and effective gold recovery process has today announced that it has signed a non-exclusive license with MCME under which it will use its proprietary green technology for the isolation of gold and silver and will receive payments based on production. MCME has started ordering key pieces of manufacturing equipment based on the plant designed and commissioned in Arizona by Cycladex.

Cycladex has developed and patented process for isolating gold and silver, does not use cyanide, reduces operating and capital costs, reduces gold recovery time scales using an estimated 50% less water and helps gold miners avoid land contamination completely.

Commenting today Roger Pettman, Executive Chairman of Cycladex said:

“I am delighted that our technology is now spreading around the world as our demonstration plant has completed commissioning our customers feel very comfortable in the scalability of the technology”

Also commenting, Anil Reddy, Chief Executive Officer of “MCME”said:

“I was delighted to visit the facility in Arizona to see how Cycladex had reduced new technology to a plant which has unit operations we are very familiar with. What is outstanding is the capacity the plant, it can run through on such a small and relatively inexpensive footprint and how little water is used in the process. This technology for us as gold processors represents the future of our industry due to environmental policies that are more and more restrictive to the point of banning cyanide. This is exactly the situation that we faced in Mauritania in 2019 whose environmental ministry and Maaden Mauritania (gold mining ministry) took the leadership to ban the use of cyanide for gold mining sector. We are now in the process of setting up a Cycladex plant (300 to 500 ton per day capacity). After a benchmark of all the non-cyanide technology available we took the decision to go forward using Cycladex technology. This decision has been motivated by the reduced processing time, the limited quantity of water (even more relevant in our desertic climate) and the impressively reduced footprint. I look forward to running the process by the summer. The other plus is the detailed technology transfer documentation the Cycladex Team has put together and their innovative plant design.”