LiquidNano Update

15th January 2019

We have recently attended CES in Las Vegas, primarily to meet with some of our larger clients. We have had a tremendous show in terms of new business and already building on what we achieved in 2018.

2018 was a truly watershed year for Liquidnano which culminated in us signing two multi-billion companies, which are two of the biggest companies in the global mobile accessory space. 

Key Achievements 2018

Signed two multi-billion companies - receiving orders to date of over $1m in value 

Sold product outside of the USA market for the first time with sales in both UK and New Zealand, through MNO carriers

Agreed an initial rollout with Carphone Warehouse to be on the shelf of over 1000 UK stores by the third week of January 2019

2019 Projections

As we project our 2019 performance it is worth noting, with just the orders projected by our two largest clients, we will do at least $5m in revenue in 2019, making Liquidnano profitable. Alongside this, we are also in the process of signing agreements in Australia and Canada.

In the UK specifically, having agreed the Carphone Warehouse deal (which will mean many of FS Ventures investors will see the product on UK shelves) we are now in the final stages of signing  supply contracts with a number of larger European mobile operators including EE in the UK. 

Despite the rapid growth we are now experiencing in the Mobile space, we also continue to work on rolling out other new products. We have launched our Windshield product and are just starting to ship product internationally.

We also have an exciting new garment product and we are working with a major global sportswear brand to develop a solution to coat garments to protect against stains.  This is an industry game changing technology and product and we expect to make an announcement in early Q2 in relation to this product and some very significant industry partnerships.

All of this activity and the booked orders, has obviously had a huge positive impact on the value of Liquidnano and whereas your early investors came in at £200 per share the most recent raise at £436.98 per share (£5m post money) shows that we are creating real investor value. 

We anticipate based on our order book and on the new business that are expecting to sign in the next 90 days, that 2019 is going to be a tremendous growth year for Liquidnano  - our target is to exceed a £20m valuation by the end of 2019 thus achieving a circa 10 time return for you investors in under 2 years.