Roxi (Electric Jukebox)

6th March 2019

Positive 2018 Results

I am delighted to say that our Q4 2018 results were positive.

  • Our new Direct Response TV (DRTV) infomercial marketing campaign, featuring Sheryl Crow and Alesha Dixon, has proven to be a great success. 
  • Our 30 minute and 3+minute ads were aired on a large number of popular TV channels including ITV, Channel 4 and Sky channels.
  • The key metric by which such DRTV campaigns are measured, namely the Marketing Efficiency Ratio (or MER), shows we are one of the most successful direct response TV campaigns of 2018.
  • We achieved an MER of 7.0 in the UK vs a budget of 5.0 and a norm
    in DRTV of <3.0.
  • On a Core Media spend of circa £100k during Q4 we made >7k units and >£700k of revenues in the period.

As such, we have finally identified a successful and scalable route to market, and are now ready to scale up manufacturing and media.

90% of consumers say they will recommend ROXi to friends and family.

V3 User Experience - Now Live

We have carried out a significant software and user experience update using the React Native framework, has significantly improved the user experience, and already showing increasing engagement by customers. 

This features much faster, slick graphics and for the first time Voice Commands as well as Voice Search. React Native also put us in a good place for expanding the platform to mobile and TV platforms in future.

If you have an existing ROXi with the old user experience it will automatically update to the new experience next time you connect to the internet.