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Based on the Nobel Prize Winning chemistry of Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart, Cycladex has developed new, green cost-effective technology to isolate gold cheaper than currently available and without the toxicity of the existing process using sodium cyanide.

Its technology uses commodity chemicals including hydrogen peroxide and salt with all chemicals recycled leaving no toxic tailings. The technology works on many ores where sodium cyanide is either banned or does not work and this will be our primary focus rather than competing initially with sodium cyanide.

The Company has evaluated 25 ores from around the world with an 85% success rate compared to cyanide on the same ores at a 65% success rate.

The Company has already demonstrated this in a pilot plant at the ton level. The Company has transferred its technology to one of the largest Russian Steel Companies with a market cap in excess of $10b and the Companies are now working to scale this up for a commercial plant to process 1 million tons of tailing per year.

The business model predicts EBITDA of $75m with Cycladex Royalty of $5m per year. The Company has two other projects of a similar size in play. New projects identified in Spain suggest the technology can access gold in tailings which have been there for 50yrs as cyanide does not work and the reserves are estimate in excess of $10b. The Company also has a joint development agreement with Linde Corporation an $80b market cap company who supplies oxygen and other gases who is investing significantly in the joint project.

ProductGreen Mining Technology
SectorGold processing
Aim of fundingBusiness Development and Commercialization
HMRC Advanced Assurance receivedPending
Envisaged investor exitIPO/Trade sale
Targeted return15-30X