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Entocycle is the UK’s leading insect farming company with potential to become a world leader.

Through proprietary, patent-protected technology, Entocycle is capable of dramatically increasing the efficiency and scalability of insect farming.

Following several successful pilots, Entocycle led a consortium that won a £10m grant from Innovate UK to build the UK’s first farm to bEntocycle image2reed insects for pet food and
animal feed. With a site for “Entofarm 1” now identified, Entocycle is seeking to raise £22m equity investment to fund its launch. Looking ahead, Entocycle will launch larger insect farms, commercialise its technology with 3rd parties, and produce a
sustainable source of protein for humans, representing a major opportunity



Aim of fundingto increase Farms
HMRC Advanced Assurance receivedEIS
Envisaged investor exit5 years
Targeted return5 x