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Glen Clova Scientific (‘GCS’) is a spinout company from the University of Dundee focused on the development of a new generation of vaccines for the treatment of poorly met medical needs; primarily dermatological and allergic conditions. The technology employs a novel, patented adaptation of a tried and tested vaccination system. The scientific foundation is based on over a decade of research by Dr John Foerster, who is a senior consultant dermatologist and clinical researcher based in Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

A unique therapeutic approach, immunising against harmful self-produced proteins

Many diseases are driven by hormone-like proteins that the body over produces. In the past it has not been possible to vaccinate against these “self-produced” harmful proteins. The unique key to Dr Foerster’s innovation is to deploy a technology called Virus Like Particles or ‘VLPs, to direct the patient’s immune system to produce antibodies that neutralise the effect of those proteins. This innovative treatment is more efficacious and cheaper than standard approaches to patient management of the target conditions.Glen Clova Image

GCS' new generation of vaccines, made by using VLPs, have major advantages over expensive therapies like monoclonal antibodies which include:

  • only a small amount of drug is required per patient,

  • only one or two doses are needed per year and

  • there is no need for laboratory monitoring

These features allow for competitive pricing strategies; a key feature for successful market implementation.

Focus on dermatological and immunological conditions poorly served by current therapies

While the GCS technology has broad applicability in multiple markets, it is being developed in a focused way for the treatment of poorly met medical needs in the treatment of:

  • Senile Pruritus: a debilitating condition impacting the quality of life of 1% - 3% of the entire adult population over the age of 65.

  • Atopic Dermatitis: represents an $18 billion global market opportunity.

  • Asthma: Has an addressable market of over 200 million patients worldwide.

These indications have been selected because the mechanism of action of the GCS drugs are well understood and are unlikely to give rise to major safety issues. Also, they all represent well characterised and substantial market opportunities.

A partnership deal established with an international pharmaceutical company

Not only has the company established a promising pipeline of new drugs, but GCS has also established a partnership with an international pharmaceutical company, Almirall (Spain), which is a specialist in dermatology treatments. This partnership is expected to yield early revenue generation from 2024 including cumulative milestone payments of more than £20 million. In addition, the company has identified several non-conflicting additional revenue streams around the technology which can be secured and developed over the course of the next 3 years.

Aim of fundingDevelopment
HMRC Advanced Assurance receivedYes
Envisaged investor exit4-5 Years
Targeted return4x