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HopprTV is creating a new marketplace for premium digital advertising across streaming TV. HopprTV's patented overlay technology can be deployed by network service operators to unlock high value advertising inventory. This premium ad space can be pre-booked or auctioned in real time through connections to the global $70 billion programmatic ad ecosystem.


Overlaying a rich web interface across TV gives Network Service Providers the ability to offer new premium advertising opportunities in a brand safe environment.

HopprTV provides Digital, interactive ads in redundant space. The Ad formats are completely customisable based on the operators UI and customer experience strategy.

HopprTV unlocks a new revenue stream for PayTV Operators from existing TV assets.

With zero integration, instant access and no development required HopprTV is a turnkey solution for networks.

HopprTV collects data via:

  • User behaviour and application usage
  • Advertising and content metrics
  • Dashboard reporting
  • User location
  • Time of day activity

Better audience data allows PayTV Operators to achieve better monetisation.


ProductStreaming TV digital advertising
Aim of fundingGrowth
HMRC Advanced Assurance receivedNo
Envisaged investor exitTrade Sale or IPO
Targeted return3-5x initial investment