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For over 140 years, what is now the Hurlingham Polo Association has been the spiritual home of polo, the sport’s oldest and most international governing body, recognised and respected around the world.  Now, with its firmly held values of authenticity, integrity, quality and style, it’s on the way to becoming a global sporting and lifestyle brand.

polo imageBritish style is a byword for that certain look we all know and love, that combines freedom and ease with a laid back, understated elegance, and a lack of rules that puts
the classic side-by-side with the new and vibrant. Hurlingham Polo, as an authentically British brand, looks to epitomise British style, and we know from hard evidence and long experience that this has an absolutely international appeal. Our clothes define this very style, reflected in the military inspired trims within the garments, to the classically British tailoring of the button-down collar shirts. The style not only reflects the very British gentleman, but embeds itself firmly within the authentic polo lifestyle.

Hurlingham Polo designs and makes the official men’s and women’s England polo squad shirts and creates kit for teams in the UK and around the world. To be fit for purpose, they’re cut to perfection, comfortable and giving – real performance clothing that says a lot about Hurlingham Polo’s approach to fit, quality, purpose and lifestyle.

Think of it as bespoke team tailoring for polo.

Aim of fundingGrowth
HMRC Advanced Assurance receivedYes
Envisaged investor exitTrade Sale
Targeted return5-10x Original Capital Invested