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Combining its expertise in the semiconductor and LED lighting industry with its design skills, Hyperion has developed award winning innovations targeted at a variety of applications, including horticultural lighting.

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The Hyperion Grow lights have been specifically designed to deliver greater returns for commercial growers. Hyperion grow lights can work in addition to, alongside, or can replace high pressure sodium (SON-T) grow lights.

With Hyperion you need less units for any given lighting installation than with competitor LED grow lights. Being 1:1 equivalent with existing 1000w and 600w sodium grow lights makes Hyperion easy to install and to use for growers, installers and greenhouse builders.

Hyperion Grow Lights is introducing the latest high-power top light in the Hyperion LED range. The new 1000W LED top light means that growers can now easily replace their 1000W SON-T lamps and get over 50% more light, using the same cables and the same power.

With a choice of light output options of up to 3000 µmol/s and up to 3.5 µmol/J efficiency, the new Hyperion 3k is one of the of the most powerful and flexible LED solutions for growers, whether they are looking to add more light or use less power. With an unrivalled 3000 µmol/s output, less Hyperion 3k fixtures are required for any greenhouse installation, delivering economies of scale and lower costs per m².

ProductLED Grow Lights
SectorLED lighting industry
Aim of fundingGrowth
HMRC Advanced Assurance receivedYes
Envisaged investor exitIPO or Trade Sale
Targeted return3-5x Capital Invested