Ikue is a UK based, female-founded technology company innovating with customer data to power personalisation in the telecoms sector.

The $20bn opportunity in delivering personalised customer experiences, across sales, marketing and customer care, is essential for telecoms operators to retain customers and increase upsell & cross sell revenue opportunities

First by name, first by nature. First party customer data is critical to win the race for improved personalisation.

Led by an experienced team that launched Vodafone’s leading AI led marketing operations platform, the founders will leverage their intrinsic knowledge and networks in the Vodafone Partner Markets – a network of local operators in 50 countries.

Ikue has been supported by Endeavour Ventures London (www.endev.com) tech investors, entrepreneurs and equity participation from an EU Telco.

Ikue’s business model is a scalable SaaS one, with additional income from advisory and proof of concepts revenues early on in the client engagement — to expedite revenues. Ikue charge telco’s a per month per customer fee — and with medium sized clients having 5-8m customers, an exciting business to back.

ProductSaaS Customer Data Platform
Aim of fundingScale prototype out to Mimimum Viable Product
HMRC Advanced Assurance receivedYes
Envisaged investor exitPossible Acquisition by large software vendor
Targeted return5x