We give people the ability to effect meaningful change, using technology to combine the efficiency of healthcare with the long-term benefits of wellness. Our approach is data-led, using analysis and fact to provide evidence-based advice that works.

The point at which healthcare meets wellness presents huge opportunities for products that deliver precise, useful advice, tailored to the individual. Every customer has a unique set of requirements. Our behavioural change engine learns what people like, want and need, and uses this knowledge to create advice and recommendations that will suit the individual. It uses the four pillars of the human performance model – movement, nutrition, psychology and recovery – to address every aspect of wellbeing.

This is true personalisation, and the result is advice people can actually use. Advice that will help them make the best of their lives, provided by technology that gives them the ability to make meaningful change.


SectorHealth Tech Software
Aim of fundingContinued Business Development
HMRC Advanced Assurance receivedYes
Envisaged investor exitMinimum 3-4 years
Targeted return3x 4 return