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Logicor is a UK-based technology company revolutionising home heating. Established in 2012, Logicor has developed a patented electricity-based, infrared heating system to replace gas boilers (legislation is in place for gas to be phased out by the UK Government by 2025)

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Logicor provides cost and health benefits over incumbent solutions while boosting the UK’s green credentials. Logicor provides the only known heating system that can be powered by just domestic batteries/solar; a system which also supports grid flexing (DSR).

Logicor is actively partnering with smart energy partners (Flexi tariffs), new house builders, and ECO3 installers to establish its market position.

Infrared radiation is a type of invisible electromagnetic radiation extending from the nominal red edge of the visible light spectrum. Infrared is natural like sunlight (without the ultraviolet) and is 100% safe and natural for the human body. The NHS is one of Logicor’s key clients.

When absorbed by a human or an object, infrared radiation excites the molecules inside, causing them to vibrate and warm up. Infrared turns your home into a storage heater because its energy is absorbed by matter and released as heat when emission stops.


ProductInfrared heating system
Aim of fundingGrowth
HMRC Advanced Assurance receivedYes
Envisaged investor exitIPO or Trade Sale
Targeted return3-5x Capital Invested