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Neuron Wellness is an exciting health technology company, leading a rapidly rising 'smart wellness' movement.  It is dedicated to reshaping the behavioural and educational landscape of health, fitness, nutrition and wellness.

Founded by Dr Julia Jones, an acknowledged expert in this field due to her hybrid neuroscience-biohacking-music credentials, Neuron Wellness is already establishing itself as a leading platform having built a strong list of large-scale clients during the R&D and proof of concept stages. The Company uses science and data to help customers (consumers and corporates) with personalised wellness products and services to change behaviour and make choices throNeuron Wellness image2
ugh enhanced knowledge of health / wellness / nutrition via connected technologies and tools. An approach called ‘Smart Wellness®’. Smart Wellness® is a 3-pronged approach consisting of Knowledge + Biohacks + Smart Tech. It can deliver a proven and highly efficient route to targeting risk factors for dementia and chronic disease. It, therefore, has the capacity to help people extend their healthy life expectancy and address the most common pain points of weight, sleep, stress and brain health.

The Company intends to expand its services to help people more easily understand and address their gut health using a new tech innovation. Maintaining gut bacterial balance is now recognised as one of the most influential components when it comes to maintaining wellness.

ProductNeuron Wellness
SectorHealth Technology
Aim of fundingHire Full time personnel
HMRC Advanced Assurance receivedYes
Envisaged investor exit3 - 5 years
Targeted return3 x