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Q-bot's mission is to transform the built environment by becoming the global leader in robotic and Al systems that apply materials in order to construct, maintain and upgrade buildings.

Their vision is to improve lives through technology.  Q-bot's solution ensure that people have a cost effective and non-disruptive way to make their homes warm, comfortable and energy -efficient.  Furthermore, they envision a world where there is no trade-off between providing a warm and healthy home, and protecting the environment. Q bot is dedicated to improving the health of our buildings, reducing energy usage and paving the way for a sustainable consq bot imagetruction industry.

Finally, they believe that by teaching the necessary skills and providing training, we can create new opportunities in a traditional industry by merging the fields of digital innovation and construction. Q bot's technology reduces risks for workers and brings much-needed quality, accountability, and informed, data-based decisions to building management.



Aim of fundingEIS
HMRC Advanced Assurance receivedyes
Envisaged investor exit2- 3 years
Targeted return4 x