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Re-flow is a workforce tool aimed at businesses which have staff working outside of the office on location. Via a dashboard that you access through a standard website, a management team sets up jobs and tasks and assign them to individuals, or groups of field workers, in an organisation.

reflow imageThe information is accessed by the employee in the field on an app, simply using their smart phone or a tablet. The user securely signs in, and sees their job specifications, relevant maps and project documents. They can then tick to complete tasks, make notes, attach project photos, as well as fill in, and digitally sign, a whole range of forms for health and safety, inspections and logs. 

As your workers complete information, the data comes back to the dashboard, so that you can instantly see what’s been done, when, how and where.

ProductTechnology EIS
SectorBusiness Enterprise Software
Aim of fundingGrowth
HMRC Advanced Assurance receivedYes
Envisaged investor exit4-5 years
Targeted returnIn excess of 4x capital invested