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Wireless networks are expected to reach capacity limits within the next 5 years and the only way to expand capacity is to use high frequency (millimetre wave - mmW) radio spectrum . In order to exploit the mmW radio spectrum satellite and terrestrial network operators must deploy phased array antenna systems on a very large scale. Phased array antennas are complex and expensive to build but are essential to the future of high frequency wireless networks which require large quantities to provide adequate coverage in dense urban environments. 

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Phased array antennas which use conventional semiconductor technology consume large amounts of power and require complicated and expensive cooling systems to manage heat. Sofant’s technology platform is designed for fully automated assembly and it reduces power consumption by 70% thereby eliminating problems caused by heat and removing the barrier to scaling future networks.

Aim of fundingGrow company
HMRC Advanced Assurance receivedYes
Envisaged investor exit3-5 years
Targeted return3x