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Having successfully relaunched the Hofmeister Lager brand in 2016, The Hofmeister Brewing Company is back producing a light golden blonde Helles lager - a genuine bavarian beer!

Made according to the Reinheitsgebot German beer purity law, they use only three ingredients: mineral water, locally grown barley and Hallertau Hops. Their Hofmeister beer is lagered slower at zero degrees, for a fresh, crisp, award winning Helles lager with an ABV of 5%.

They believe all the extra time and effort is well worth it. And when you try their fresher, subtly hoppy and gently carbonated Helles, we think you will too.

Its beer really is second to none, recently winning the best lager in the prestigious IWSC Beer Awards and the Quality Drink Awards 2018.



ProductHofmeister Helles Bavarian Lager
SectorAlcoholic drinks
Aim of fundingGrowth
HMRC Advanced Assurance receivedYes
Envisaged investor exitIPO or Trade sale
Targeted returnIn excess of 3-4x Invested