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About Norcliffe Capital

With several decades of combined business experience in the life science and disruptive technology sectors, Norcliffe Capital provides more than capital to support their investments. They use their experience and expertise to select UK based growth companies in their specialist sectors and support them throughout their commercial journey.

Operating across the UK and EEA, Norcliffe Capital source companies with proven IP, within a growing global market, where there is a clearly defined consumer need. Their investments are usually uncorrelated to the traditional investment markets and have a range of exit routes which offer the potential of generating positive investor returns.

Why Choose Norcliffe Capital?

Capital Growth – Focused on providing meaningful capital growth for investors

Transparency – Norcliffe Capital pride themselves on their open and honest approach, providing comprehensive investor packs and ongoing communications to investors

Management – They provide continual management support to the investee company including structural, operational, and financial strategy, maximising their experience and expertise to achieve positive investor returns

Tax Efficiency – Investment can be made in tax efficient ways via the Enterprise Investment Scheme. You can also use a SIPP, SSAS or a family investment company to access private company investments

Co-Invest – Norcliffe Capital invest alongside investors with every investment