Wi-Fi Securities - November 2019 Update

17th October 2019

As we are now well into October and our business model is embedding into Wi-Fi Securities, I would like to take this opportunity to:

1. Thank you for your very generous investment and continued support.
2. Provide you with a little insight to where the business has moved from and to in the past few months.


SpriteGuard 1

The development of the product (both hardware, software, and cloud) is now moving at pace. Early in the process we decided to engage with a business which focuses entirely on ethical hacking, believing that our entire business is predicated on security (as such the integrity of this is our everything). Historically, R&D groups would typically engage such business in the latter stages, however we felt it was money well spent to have each and every layer of our development put to the sword. The company we are working with are Pentest Partners (https://www.pentestpartners.com/).

In early August, following several meetings, tests and discussions with Pen Test, the decision was taken to reverse the manner in which our product operated. Previously, our product was 80% cloud based and 20% hardware (physical product). Initial testing (while not causing a breech) identified that such a large percentage of the product in the cloud could be a trap door to our system. To that end, we have now reversed this so that 80% of the product is hardware and 20% sits in the cloud (approx.). The additional bonus of this step-change is that, should someone try to break into our product (cyber or physical), the hardware and onboard software can intercept to lock down and eliminate the threat.

SpriteGuard 2As a direct result of the above change and following a number of positive and strategic conversations, we are now able to state that we are working with IBM directly in both the hardware and the cloud areas of our product. It is great news for the business to have such a tech giant supporting us. It is fair to say that we are no longer developing a suite of products just for cyber security, we are also developing a very secure mini-computer that could have multiple uses in the future. 

The product itself is now starting to take shape in two different forms. We are faced with a very interesting problem to solve. In some cases, our product will be overt (clearly visible) and in others covert. In the first instance we are focusing on overt, where our initial concepts and prototypes are developing nicely.

Our development plan is being ably led by Andy Shilladay (https://www.linkedin.com/in/andy-shilladay-8a95913b/). Andy has vast experience in bringing products to market and has tight control of our development budget and process. With that in mind, we aim to have proof of concept units out for demonstration in Q1 2020.


We have appointed Pinch of Salts to represent Wi-Fi Securities formally. Pinch of Salts are the marketing force behind NeedleSmart, and the Board felt they would be a great fit to bring forward the brand and strategy for Wi-Fi Securities. http://www.pinchofsalts.com 

At Board level, we are incredibly lucky to have Colin Sinclair (https://www.linkedin.com/in/colin-sinclair-5509079/) to help and guide Pinch of Salts on the Wi-Fi Securities journey. As a direct result of this, a number of marketing driven activities will happen in quick succession:

  • Website (www.wifi-securities.com) is being built in the background. The SpriteGuard domain will divert to this as soon as possible.
  • A brand clinic is underway to understand the values of the SpriteGuard product name and how this resonates with our audience.
  • Wi-Fi Securities is now developing its own brand identity in line with the above.
  • A full comms/PR/Social Media strategy is now underway.


We have been very lucky in securing the services of Alex Lennon (https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexjlennon/). Alex is an incredibly experienced and talented Embedded Software Engineer.
As a direct result of this, we have already secured the services of a new Embedded Engineer who will report to Alex. In terms of cloud development, we are in negotiations with a very talented engineer (the cloud equivalent of Alex) who we are quietly confident will join us on this exciting journey. This will put us directly on schedule in terms of resource with a push to recruit a further four developers in early 2020.


As a business, we identified some time ago that the existing office space at LSP (Liverpool Science Park) was not fit for purpose and as soon as possible, a new office should be sourced. I am pleased to say that we have now secured a new office space within LSP. The office will allow the Wi-Fi Securities development team to grow and thrive from one central location. All other business functions will be based at our head office in Knowsley.
As both the business and product develop, I will endeavour to release updates at regular intervals. In addition, we will be hosting an update via conference call every six months (details to follow).

Once again, thank you for supporting Wi-Fi Securities.