Deep Tech Recycling

DeepTech Recycling’s chemical recycling approach represents an unaddressed £15bn market for capital equipment. It can provide up to 10% of global polymer demand (delivered by recycling) by 2030.

Market Opportunity

  • Soaring plastic production, expected to increase from 368 Mt currently to >1 Bn tonnes pa. by 2050

  • Low (12%) global recycling rates are creating a major environmental problem with plastic waste

  • Chemical Recycling is a new circular economy approach to solve this environmental problem

  • Chemical Recycling expected to cover >30% (~300Mt) of the polymer demand for plastic production by 2050.

  • Consumer demand, environmental legislation and financial incentives for recycling are driving the need for change

DeepTech Recycling's Position

  • DeepTech Recycling has a solution to the plastic waste problem – a patented technology with 10+ years of structured and accelerated technology development.

  • Differentiated business model and strategy – with a capital light structure and feedstock / customer focused approach.

  • Robust technology allows for variation in quality and type of input plastics and access to different market segments.

  • Technology attracted partnerships from industry experts including Neste and INEOS Styrolution.

  • Valuable IP with development and operational know-how

Investment Opportunity

  • DeepTech Recycling is looking to raise up to £3M investment, with a first close of £750k through ASA/CLA.

  • Building on 10+ years of commercialisation, ~ £45M of investment and a pivot to an asset and capital light strategy.

  • The funds will be used to relaunch and build a profitable business within the first 24 months, with a target of securing contracts for the first commercial scale project.

  • Developed pipeline of projects and partners in several market segments.

  • Strong assets position: patent portfolio, trade secrets / know-how, and ~£6M worth of tangible assets.

Aim of fundingResearch
HMRC Advanced Assurance receivedYes
Envisaged investor exit5-7 Years
Targeted return5 x